Preventing Fights 1.5

Of course, the people that may be called upon to help defuse a combative situation would be upper management or security guards, but regardless of your position within the company there may be an instance where you may need to defuse a volatile situation.

There is no magical formula for resolving fights, but preventative techniques to ensure it doesn’t get to hostile situation to begin with is always the best defense.

  1. Follow the preventative techniques
  2. Acknowledge signs that trouble might be brewing
    1. Loud Arguments
    2. Shoving If a fight does occur:
  3. Contact security or the police
  4. Move bystanders away from the commotion
  5. Never ask other people to get involved in breaking up a fight
  6. Try to not become physical with the combatants
  7. If a weapon is present, get innocent bystanders away and take cove