Preventing Fights 1.4

After an incident occurs immediately write down the event in your company’s incident log, with as much detail as possible. This is the best way to protect yourself and your company while the incident is fresh in your mind.

It is a good idea to document all alcohol related incidents, to include refusing service.

If you work in a past pace environment where stepping away to write a formal report may not be realistic until the end of your shift; carrying a notepad to jot down the date, time and important highlights could be helpful.

If your company has an incident report template use what your company has provided, but some important things to note in the narrative include:

  • Nature of incident (refused service, person became combative, false ID provided, etc.)
  • Location of incident (hotel room number, name of banquet hall, location inside the nightclub, etc.)
  • Did the person refuse transportation, food, or non-alcoholic drinks?
  • Did they create a disturbance?
  • People involved (names, phone numbers, role person played in incident) If possible secure surveillance photos and video