Minors 1.5

You are not expected to know what all 50 States security features are for their most commonly used IDs but you can perform a physical inspection of each ID to test its integrity.

First, ask the patron to pull the ID out of their wallet or purse so you may hold it. Often times people who alter or forge an ID are not counting on the fact that you will be handling the ID.

Now that you are holding the card here’s what you need to check:

  1. Check the cards rigidity. Fake IDs will be thicker than a real ID and may even feel heavier.
  2. Check along the edges and corners. A real IDs corners cannot be split or the laminate should not be peeling. If you could pull back the laminate it is possibly a fake.
  3. Do an overall visual inspection. Check the font style, size and color patterns.
  4. Most importantly check the back. Most forgers take great care to replicate the front but neglect the back.

Mind you, just because you notice some of the characteristics above and suspect the ID may be fake it is not your responsibility to confiscate the ID. Simply refuse service.