Liquor Laws 1.9

Nevada is a fun and vibrant state that has so much to offer residents and visitors alike. It is known all around the world for its amazing casinos, extravagant entertainment and world famous restaurants. Nevada also allows alcohol to be served 24 hours a day every day of the year.

Which is why one of the biggest responsibilities for people who serve or sell alcohol is to monitor their guests to ensure their experience is both enjoyable and sober.

It is against regulation to give someone complimentary cocktails if the person appears to be visibly intoxicated (NGCB 5.011.03). When it comes to the complimentary cocktails served at most casinos is the crucial cocktail servers, dealers, security, and hosts monitor and control complimentary cocktails.  It is important for all casino staff to communicate amongst themselves to ensure casino guests do not become to intoxicated.