Liquor Laws 1.2

Holding a liquor license in Nevada is a privilege that can be revoked by the County and/or City to protect the safety and welfare of the community. To obtain a license, one must undergo a background, security and financial check. Even then it is not guaranteed a license will be issued.

There are many different types of licenses that allow the sale and distribution of alcohol. Certain businesses may require more than one license. Below is a list of licensees available in Clark and Washoe county:

Aside from State and County laws knowing the laws in your prospective city is also required. Cities in Nevada also create their own ordinances to fit the need if their individual city.

For example, Nevada has a law that prohibits anyone in public places from consuming alcohol. However, carrying an open container of alcohol and consuming it publicly is legal in the city of Las Vegas and unincorporated Clark County, which includes the Strip.

But like with most regulations there are some exceptions. Drinking isn’t allowed within 1,000 feet of a church, synagogue, school, hospital, homeless shelter or withdrawal management facility.