Liquor Laws 1.1

In this section, we will attempt to explain State, County and City liquor laws and clarify the material thoroughly.

Please allow yourself 30 minutes to complete this section.  

Nevada Liquor Laws

Photo by David Straight on Unsplash

If you wish to obtain a license to sell or serve alcohol in Nevada you must obtain the license from the city or county, not the state. That is because unlike many other states Nevada does not regulate liquor laws.

Although, the state of Nevada does regulate the manufacturing, distribution and sale of alcoholic beverages; it is at the county and city level that many liquor laws are created. Also keep in mind an incorporated city may create their own liquor laws and the liquor laws of the county would not apply.

For Example: In Clark County you must be 21 to sell alcohol in sealed containers. But Henderson, a city within Clark County, allows someone who is 18 years old to sell alcohol in sealed containers (within certain guidelines).