Intoxicated Guests 1.6

Whether you are selling or serving alcohol it’s important to have great communication with co-workers. Regardless if you’re going on break, rotating positions or going home taking a few moments to pass information off to co-workers is imperative.

Working in a fast pace environment such as a nightclub, high volume restaurant or large event may make it difficult to recall how many drinks someone has consumed. That is why it is important to communicate.

Communication should include:

  • How many drinks someone has been served so far
  • The type of alcohol they have been consuming
  • If the person has been showing any signs of intoxication thus far

For example, the security guard checking Identification at the door may notify a bartender that someone has entered the nightclub already under the influence of alcohol. Then the bartender should communicate with the waiter that it may be best to offer a food menu to ensure someone isn’t becoming too intoxicated.