Intoxicated Guests 1.5

How to discontinue service to an intoxicated person

  • Stay Clam
  • Don’t argue with an intoxicated guest
    • Be courteous, but firm. Be friendly, but don’t back down on your decision or bargain with the customer.
  • Don’t embarrass anyone
    • Don’t provoke the customer by embarrassing him or her. Avoid statements like, “You’re drunk” or “You’ve had way too much to drink.”
  • Pull the intoxicated person away where you can speak to them away from an audience
    • Explain the situation simply but thoroughly
  • Listen to your guest
    • Talking to them one-on-one may give you a better understanding of their intoxication level
  • Ask them to leave. Remember if you ask someone to leave you may still be responsible for their safety.
    • Find transportation. It’s recommended that your business have a policy for getting intoxicated customers home safely. A cab service could be the right move for a customer who isn’t drinking with friends or whose friends are also intoxicated.
  • It’s ok to ask for assistance from the intoxicated persons friends, additional staff, security and in escalated instances the police
    • If the customer refuses to cooperate or becomes disorderly, call the police or sheriff and be willing to sign a complaint. Protect your business and reputation.

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