Alcohol Awareness Course

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Thank you for signing you for the Alcohol Awareness Training Course with Alcohol Awareness Card of Southern Nevada. The purpose of our Alcohol Awareness Training Course is to educate and train business and their employees about the personal responsibilities when working around alcohol.

The alcohol awareness training is required in Nevada counties with a population of 700,000 or more. Pursuant to NRS 369.630 owners or operators of liquor establishments (bartenders, waiters, cashiers, stock handlers, etc.) shall not hire a person to sell or serve alcoholic beverages or perform the duties of a security guard at the establishment unless they have successfully completed the certified program and holds a valid alcohol education card.

Therefore, Nevada Revised Statute 369 also requires that businesses in Nevada have their employees certified in alcohol awareness training. Companies, like ours, that teach the course in Nevada must be approved and licensed by the Nevada Commission on Post-secondary Education.

The card you will receive from Alcohol Awareness Card of Southern Nevada is officially recognized as proof of successfully completing the training. The certification card is also sometimes referred to as the alcohol card, alcohol certification card, alcohol awareness card or alcohol drink card. Our course certifies you for the entire State of Nevada with any employer for 4 years.

By the end of this course you should have a greater understanding and knowledge regarding:

  • Applicable state and local laws concerning the selling and serving of alcoholic beverages.
  • The clinical effects of alcohol on the human body.
  • Identifying intoxicated persons.
  • Methods of discontinuing service of alcoholic beverages to persons who are identified as intoxicated.
  • Methods of preventing and halting fights, acts of affray and other disturbances of the peace.