Accountability 1.5

Enforcement and Undercover Operations

What seems to be dramatized on television is reality when it comes to law enforcement conducting undercover operations to prevent the sale and service of alcohol to minors. If it is determined that an establishment has indeed sold alcohol to a minor both the employee and business face serious even criminal consequences.

Within the county limits of Clark the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department are responsible for conducting the undercover operation. In Clark County any business that has a license to sell or serve alcohol may be inspected to ensure they are not selling or serving to minors.

Businesses such as nightclubs, bars, liquor stores, restaurants and even grocery stores.

Law enforcement and the minors used in the undercover operation must abide by certain guidelines:

  1. If asked the minor cannot lie about their age
  2. They cannot wear a disguise
  3. The minor cannot present a false ID

If the employee successfully refuses sale or service to the minor the law enforcement officer will inform the business that their employee successfully performed their responsibilities in refusing service.

However, if the employee sells or serves alcohol to the minor they may be fired, fined and possibly sentenced to jail. It is possible the business may even lose their license.